My face was burned by a salicylic acid treatment - burn mark still exists
remodude posted:
Hi All,

An year back I was experiencing lot of pimples/acne on face and so I used Salicylic Acid to treat those and during this I burned my face and so left a small mark on my nose. Its been an year and still the burn mark is not faded. Could anyone please help me with a good solution to come out of this problem, any cream available in market to help me out?[br>[br>Thanks in advance, your help is much appreciated!!
Paula_jean79 responded:
I have fair skin and my skin doesn't do well with Salicylic acid either. I've found that Benzoyl peroxide works much better for acne and does not burn my skin. I use "Acne Free" brand spot treatment. It even has redness control, it takes the redness away so when you use it it doesn't cause red spots. You can buy it at drug stores. Walmart, Target etc. Now to get rid of the spot that you already have try Clinique's "Even Better Skin Tone Corrector" it is a little spendy but a little goes a long way and it works! I've had red spots left from past acne spot treatments as well and with fair skin it's very noticeable but skin tone corrector works very well.