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Temple Hair Shedding
SweetTQueenofVA posted:

I am a 36yo african american female. I wear my hair unprocessed w/o chemicals. However, in the past few months I did dye my hair. I have noticed recently that my temple hair is thinning. It is not gone but thinning. I have tried Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my temples which seemed to make it worse. Do you have any recommendation on stopping this. I even do very little styling wise to my temples in case that may be the culprit. I just want it to thicken back up! Yikes!!!!
Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
There is a condition reported in African American females called frontal fibrosing dermopathy (where hair is lost in a band-like distribution in the front of the scalp) in addition, temple shedding can be seen in another medical disorder called telogen effluvium.

Please insure you are taking a multivitamin with biotin and if the condition persists, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist.
Dr. Mohiba Tareen
Tareen Dermatology, Roseville, Minn
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