grey colored line appeared on both thumbnails
malikshahid posted:

its been 6 months since my right hand thumbnail started showing a grey or light black line and now i notice on my left thumbnail also started vertical light gray line as well. i can post pictures for a better determination of any of my health problem. Any comments?. i did research and came up with few possible link of Subungual Melanoma or maybe infectious endocarditis heart disease.
atti_editor responded:
Hi malikshahid,

You might want to take a look at this slideshow: What Your Nails Say About Your Health , and see if what you are experiencing is similar to any of the problems pictured (from what you describe I think that would be slide 9). The slideshow says that dark lines below the nail should be seen by a professional as soon as possible as they can sometimes be signs of melanoma. I suggest that you make an appointment to see your doctor or dermatologist to get to the bottom of your nail problems as soon as possible.

Best wishes,
stellagonzalez responded:
It automatically turns grey or you met with an accident...
malikshahid replied to stellagonzalez's response:
Hi stellagonzalez ,

It was started with gray or light black color band on my right thumbnail about 6 months ago now i notice another same color band on my left thumbnail. NO Trauma to any of my thumbnail
malikshahid replied to atti_editor's response:
pictures are posted here .