Peeling Fingertips
olimm29 posted:
My fingertips started peeling a few days ago. Very strange. Hasn't ever happened to me. Is it possible that a cuticle oil I started using caused some kind of allergic reaction?
harleyquinn47 responded:
Do you mean like under your nails or the area around there? Or do you mean your cuticle bed? Orrrr do you mean your actual nails peeling? Lol. If you've recently been in a lot of water, either by washing dishes, your hands, showering more frequently, etc. all of those can cause peeling of anything nails. Try not using your cuticle oil if you think that could be it for a couple of weeks. Any change in your routine beauty wise can cause problems, though. If it persists or gets worse I suggest going to a doctor just to get it checked out. Which you luck