alya_thore posted:
Hey guys, I am 21 and 3 years ago my hair started falling. At the beginning I did not gave it to much attention as I was aware that we are loosing somewhere like 100 hairs in a day plus people were saying to me that hair is regenerating all the time. However my hair seems to falling much faster that it regenerates (if it is regenerating). At the moment I am desperate as it gets thinner and the scalp is like strongly visible, thing that makes me feel ashamed and without confidence. Please help from somebody..
stellagonzalez responded:
Apply onion juice leave it for an hour then rinse it. It will definitely work. Some common food help you to get relief from hair fall . Have a look...
atti_editor responded:
Hi alya_thore,

Have you talked with your doctor about your hair loss? There are many reasons your hair could be falling out and seemingly slow to grow. It could be that there is a medical explanation such as a thyroid problem, ringworm of the scalp or a certain medicine that you are taking. The amount of protein and iron in your diet could also have an effect on your hair growth. Genetics may also be to blame if you have a family history of hair loss.

Here is some more information about possible causes and increased risk of hair loss. These exams and tests by your doctor could help identify what is causing your hair loss, and he/she will hopefully be able to offer you some treatment options.

Best wishes,