dark pigmentation around neck
taleo posted:
I'm a 30 yr old male from India. I've had dark skin around my neck since high school. It's on only one side of the neck and looks like dirt. I've checked with dermatologists here but many say they've not seen any other problem like it. I tried topical salicyl treatments and skin lightening cream like they suggested but to no avail. The area around the stripes is fine and I have no other problems. Please let me know if anyone's encountered something similar. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

atti_editor responded:
Hi taleo,

I am sorry that none of the dermatologists you have seen have been able to properly diagnose what is causing this dark pigmentation. Here is a discussion that was started a while ago on this board that sounds similar to what you are experiencing. You might find some of the answers from other members helpful!

Best wishes,
netind77 responded:
Did you try using laser? I used fraxel laser to remove my dark skin spots around the chest area. It was all ugly pigmentation spots around my chest, neck and face areas. Some of my results are here http://www.finetouchdermatology.com/los-angeles-age-spot-treatment-with-fraxel-dual/
That was my first treatment. I needed several.