Facial Control
PhysicalChaos posted:
One of the most important things in preventing lines and to nip it in the butt when they're just starting, is to be aware of what your face does.

You said that you're under a lot of stress, which can translate to your facial expression without you realizing it. If you wrinkle your forehead a lot, then that can cause crease lines.
Somebody pulling their eyebrows together a lot might have to deal with a stubborn vertical line right there.

Even when you are very sure that you are controlling your facial expressions, think about how you sit while reading, writing, studying, on the computer, etc.
If you rest your head on your hand with your elbow on the table, it will cause lines as well if done often enough. Also gives you "computer elbow", which goes from just being red to being calloused and cracked.

While Retinol is best in prevention of wrinkles, it does help to diminish them as well. But it's not a miracle cure. The aging progress will catch up with you..
There isn't and never will be an easy cure for wrinkles. But they can be delayed by monitoring your own habits.

Ok, I'm not saying to develop a face carved out of stone, which doesn't show emotions or any kind of life.. Be as you've always been when socializing.
But also remember that when you're under stress, your face can reflect that without you even noticing. Learn how your face feels in certain circumstances and confirm it by having a mirror handy.

whew, that was a mouthful, lol. So I'm stepping off my soap box
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lissmeanstrouble responded:
I saw this reply on another thread and read into it, because I am 24 and started noticing forehead lines a few years ago. I tried a few different creams that help decrease their appearance, but once I stop using them the lines get worse again.

My doctor prescribed me retin-A cream for acne a few years ago, and now I am reading that it can help with lines. It never helped with my acne so I stopped using it, should I call my doctor before I start using it again?