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Painful lump above right eye, but below eyebrow. Is it a cyst, stye, chalazion, acne?
An_207088 posted:

Quick Summary of Symptoms:
1) Lump mid-way between eyelid and eyebrow, under the skin.
2) Has swollen to the point of almost completely shutting my right eye.
3) Painful and burning sensation where the lump is located.
4) Not on eyelid or eye rim
5) Seeking solution to reduce the swelling as soon as possible and wondering what lump is.

I am in need of some guidance about what type of lump I have and how to treat the swelling quickly, I have very important meeting/event this Friday...but my vision is partially blocked. I talked to my doctor about it today and he suggested that it could be a stye or chalazion; and advised to put a hot compress on it. I'm not sure that it is a stye of chalazion, because it is not on the eyelid itself or the rim of the eyelid and is mid-way between my eye lid and my eye brow. I am looking for some way to bring the swelling down as fast as possible. Would OTC antibiotic cream help? Do they have any OTC antibiotic/anti-swelling/redness reduction medication specifically for the area just above the eye?

It started out as a painful lump under the skin with a little redness. I tried to break it and a very small white hard substance came out followed by a good amount of blood. This morning I woke up and it was so swollen it is forcing my right eye almost shut.

I'm open to any legitimate and reasonable suggestions. Thanks
Susan Evans, MD responded:
Dear Anon 27499,

Did your doctor actually see you to efvaluate you or did you call in for advice?

The fact that your eye is nearly swollen shut indicates that your condition is worsening. Either you are having a severe reaction or are suffering from inflammation that needs to be addressed.

Please get in to see your doctor for a more in-depth evaluation.


Dr. Evans
embee17 responded:
Hi Annon, I am experiencing the same now. What did the doctor tell you to do? Kindly share please. Thanks!
Susan Evans, MD replied to embee17's response:
Dear embee17,

Anything that indicates swelling around the eye should be seen by your PCP. Please make an appointment for an evaluation.


Dr. Evans