Reaction to Shingles Vaccine?
An_207124 posted:
I have three areas of my abdomen that have a rash. I noticed the first area-on my back just above my right hip- on May 14th. Two other areas appeared- at belly-button and midway between belly-button and hip on right side of abdomen- two days later.
The areas are somewhat itchy (I'm using Benadryl and topical cortisone cream to control it) and appear to me to look like shingles.

I had my annual physical on May 5th and received both a Tetanus booster and a shingles vaccine.

I cannot find any information on skin reactions to the shingles vaccine. Further, I've spoken with my Primary Care Physician and she wasn't able to find anything when I last spoke with her. I'm not able to be seen in her office, since I am currently out of state and won't be back for another two weeks.

Can you solve my mystery?