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Hard lumps weeping clear fluid on scalp
An_207229 posted:
Hello Doctor and Community

After scouring the Internet, as well as seeing my GP twice, I still do not know what is the source of my scalp problems:

Last year, I felt a noticeable pressure on my head - I thought it was a pressure headache of some sort for a long time. One day I was rubbing the area near the top of my head that was bothersome, and felt a hard lump. Obviously, I was scared, and showed it to family members, who said it appeared red. After feeling around it, I must have applied exactly the right pressure at exactly the right spots - because i felt, and heard, a *pop*. I pulled my hand away and realized my fingers were covered in a clear, water-like fluid. The fluid dried quickly, leaving a yellowish film. I blotted the area with tissues, and realized it was draining pretty heavily. The first thing i realized, that although it definitely hurt after it was opened - that nagging pressure on my head was dissipating. It drained for at least a day - my scalp continued to feel "wet" to the touch, and it clumped in my hair. Because my hair is thick (no hair loss was noted) it was very difficult to take a picture to show my doctor or to have people see what was going on. All we could see was that it was "boggy" and sore while it was draining. After, a thick crust formed over it, and it healed completely. Since that time, I have had several of these lumps. My doctor believes it is scalp psoriasis. However, I must point out that it begins as a smooth, hard bump/lump which is NOT weeping/crusting. I know its wrong, but I have popped several of these, to my doctor's dismay. It is the popping which causes it to weep fluid and become sore, however - this relieves the pressure I feel on my head. My doctor has prescribed ketoconzole (sp?) which did not work very well, as well as antibiotics to ward off secondary infection once these lesions are open and weeping. Is this a type of cyst? There is no pus - just this clear, yellowish, watery fluid. I would really like to find a remedy - Selsum Blue shampoo worked for several months.
An_207230 responded:
Did the selsum Blue shampoo truly work? I had a severe reaction to goose down feather pillows at a hotel. I woke up with my head wet and my face very swollen. Went to the ER and I was treated with High dose steroid, Rocephin, Epinephrine and pepcid. After a few days the swelling went down but I I am having I am a residual rash which is clearing up! But my scalp is draining a clear yellowish fluid.
An_207231 replied to An_207230's response:
Yes, a dermatologist suggested it was a scalp dermatitis of some sort. He said to switch bi-weekly between head and shoulders and selsum blue. I also mix tea tree oil into the selsum, which helps as well.
tc87201 responded:
I have the same on scalp and in eyebrow or on random spots on face. I am prone to "epidermal cysts" w/1 or more occuring about every5-6 weeks. The fluid is aliken to Synovial fluid, clear stcky/slippery and the scabs that form are from the skin drying out when drained. My doc has no solution but says dont break them--I am not gonna suffer in pain/discomfort I am very hygenic to clean area b4 and after "draining". I hope this helps. Are you still getting this?
ashley100 responded:
I can't believe that someone else has this issue. Has anyone found a cure? I was fine one day and miserable the next. Just when I think I have gotten rid of them they come back. It feels like figerglass is in my scalp and then these fluid filled bumps erupt and spread. I don't know if its caused externally or internally.
scorpionjack replied to ashley100's response:
I just had a stroke on friday_Saturday morning. While on a gurney in the ER for 5 hours I felt pressure on the back of my scalp. To my surprise there was a huge 4x4" blister on the back of my scalp. Being in the ER you think they would be concerned. Through the next two days and heat compresses it's been leaking clear liquid. Scabs over I scratch the scab allowing more drainage, should I be concerned? They keep giving me heat pads and no one has a definitive answer.

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