strange dent in skin on thigh
bailey08 posted:
I have a strange dent in lower thigh. I just noticed it a few weeks ago. It doesnt hurt at all. Its pretty noticable too. It is kind of big and deep and you can actually see it on my thigh. Sorry I cant give much more of a description. I have no idea why it is there and was just wondering if anyone would be able to give me some sort of explanation. I'm not really concerned about it. I just would like to know why its there. I do not think its the way I sit or anything. Its on the front right side of my right thigh so its not in a place that would be touched very often.
Illinoiswoman responded:
Hi Bailey08, I think I may have the same issue. I noticed it about 2 weeks ago in my right thigh - front middle. At first I thought maybe I had leant into something for too long and my skin just hadn't bounced back yet, but it hasn't gone away. And another smaller dent has formed up on my top front of my left thigh. It is visibly noticeable and you can easily feel it by running a hand over it. The skin directly around the dent seems to be harder than normal. It doesn't hurt, but it makes me nervous. I am only 33 and for this to just appear one day doesn't seem right. You posted 5 months ago...did you find any answers? Did it eventually disappear?
Thanks and hope all is well!
TheOriginalGirlFriday replied to Illinoiswoman's response:
I found a dent that sounds similar this morning. It doesn't hurt, I only noticed it when I was putting lotion on after getting out of the shower. It is on my hip and I would guess about 1.5 inched square(ish) . I would almost think it was some kind of spider bite, but again there is no pain, and there is no center or bite. It almost looks like scarring I've seen from someone who has had a skin graft. I however have not ever had a skin graft. The skin inside the dent is a little darker and feels dry. It doesn't itch. But it is rather disconcerting. I guess neither of you ever got any feedback on your condition? Did you ever go to a doctor? Did it go away?