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Skin Rash Around Anus
An_207245 posted:
What can you do for a skin rash around your anus? It spreads up the crack and is very red. There appears a lot of dead skin. We have cleaned with a warm wash cloth and peroxide. Then put neosporin on it but it doesn't seem to heal. Is it better to be moist with neosporin or dry with powder? ( have not tried the powder yet)
Susan Evans, MD responded:
Dear Anon 48150,

A skin rash near your anus can be due to several things. It might be best to see your medical care provider and get a diagnosis so that you're treating the aliment correctly. I can only guess at what might be causing this over this forum. While this might seem to be embarrassing, as a doctor, we've seen pretty much everything. We would rather you come in for a brief visit so that you can feel better more quickly.


Dr. Evans
An_207246 replied to Susan Evans, MD's response:
I sorta have the same problem. I am having itching in the anal area and its very red. Is there anything over the counter you can recommend before going to a doctor??? No insurance here
Lopaka334 replied to An_207246's response:
The only thing that ever finally stopped this problem for me was just to make certain that I washed the area with lots of soap and water EVERY time I went to the bathroom. Don't trust the toilet paper to do the job right!
TrixieRacer responded:
Hi! My husband has this crop up from time to time... busy life, irritating TP at work... to treat it, we used aloe vera gel (you can get some with no dyes or additives). We applied at night, before bed. It usually helped & was gone in a few days.
Also, he began taking some wipes with to work, to make sure that he was able to clean properly. You can usually find adult wipes, like Cottonelle or something similar.
If those irritate, definitely seek a professional.
Good luck!
BiggDEE responded:
Use some Triple Antibiotic Ointment I bought it at a 99 cent store and it healed my rectum rash in one Day,the rash was very painful and I MEAN VERY PAINFUL try it and email me at .to let me know the outcome.And you must apply alot to the affected area.