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mikila6869 posted:
- i took my 7 yr old to the emergency room last nite where she was treated for infraorblial swelling & since she presented with no other symptoms she was discharged w/two txment plans: benedryl in case of allergic reaction and cephalexin in case the cause is bacterial...
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when she woke up this morning her eye was back to nomal BUT!!! now she has a TRAVELING rash which i've been treating w (hydrocortisone 1%-OTC) which is VERY effective except after a while the rash simply moves to an untreated area which i, in turn, treat BUT now we're on our third bout and running out of body parts...also, the benedryl knocked her out but didnt do anything to the rash...
can someone please tell me if they've encountered this before because i've never seen, or heard of, anything like it...
(by the way - i've checked for everything under the sun from lyme disease to scabies to psoriasis & it doesnt look like ANYTHING on the web pages i've seen so far...
Susan Evans, MD responded:
Dear mikila6869,

It is time to return to the doctor. It is impossible to diagnose this over this forum, and the fact that it is spreading in such a manner, you need to have your child reevaluated as soon as possible.


Dr. Evans
txan2010 responded:
I am 47 and have a similar problem. For me, it usually starts on the elbows, outer thigh, or arm pit area but I have also had it in other areas. I treat it with cream from the dermatologist but it comes back. It always starts out as a small itch but within days, red bumps appear and will spread quickly if it goes untreated. At least now I know it is not an age thing.
The dermatologist said mine was not a fungus. What next?