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    Small blister clusters on body
    Kes83098 posted:
    I am recently having an issue with small bumps on my body that look like a tiny zit. They eventually turn into a small blister and then mulitply into blister clusters. They started on the inside of my arms and now are moving into my torso and legs. They eventually ooze a clear, Amber colored liquid and scab. They itch a little when the "zit" appears and then really itch when they are scabbing. I am not scratching and they are scarring. I'm very scared and would like to know if anyone has similiar problems. Never noticed this till this year. I live in Midwest and started swimmimg a lot since we joined a pool. This started in May. Can you please help me? I have small children and need to know if this is contagious and want it gone asap.
    cehbear1 responded:
    My son has devolped something that sounds similar on his back, which now is spreading. It started a couple months ago, and when I took him to the doctor, they told me it was warts. However, this does not resemble warts, because now the area is doing the same as you stated. Please email me as soon as you can, I am really curious to find out if maybe we are dealing with the same thing. My name is Claire, and my son is 4. My email is
    The stages that have occurred are:
    looked like little ant bites
    then dissappeared, yet came back.
    then looked like they were becoming wart like, but resembled blisters
    they then got white heads, and some were able to pop, while others were not.
    there are a couple that have looked like they have meshed together, and then once they secrete,usually looking like rubbed by a towel or clothing or if he has itched them, then it has a scab on top.
    now they are spreading, and it is beginning to worry me.
    please get in touch with me at your earliest convenience. i hope that we figure something out.
    thank you so much.
    mrsorta2 replied to cehbear1's response:
    well my 4 yr old has the exact same thing... and when i took her to her doctor she said that it was a virus caused by the enviorment and that it was very very contagious and that you shouldn't let your child scratch and then scratch another part of their body... she wasnt very clear on the name of the virus and i really cannot remember... but i hope this kinda narrowed it down a little... oh your child also could have got it from another child... so be aware...thanks - Mrs.Orta
    bakerylust replied to cehbear1's response:
    I'm thinkin' impetigo, only because I've had it and so has by son. But, I'm definately not an expert, just a mom! LOL
    cehbear1 responded:
    Hi!! I actually have great news for you!! It's called moluscus continginutis and believe it or not it goes away!! The last time that I posted Kaynen was having these blisters and I felt horrible for him. They looked scarier than anything else and finally we went to a dr or 4 and then to one that if anyone knew, it would be my old dr. He knew from one glance, and said, your options are go to a dermatologist and have them removed, or be patient and they will go away. They do actually. They go away. I took Kaynen to the pool, letting them dry out, and they stopped eventually. Rubbing alcohol, was another helper. Don't wear tight clothing. Don't wear things that will rub and those places you have gotten them sound difficult to do any of that, don't pop them, try calcimine lotion for the itch, or Benadryl. Neosporin works for healing also. Also try to keep short nails, if you are not able to itch, pat the area. Just don't scratch you will spread it. They are very contagious. I never got them but i made sure hands were cleaned and so were the bumps. But they go away finally and so far have not come back!!! My email is in a previous post if you need anything. Hope it gets better for you!! Take care.
    jakestonefire replied to cehbear1's response:
    I'm happy that it goes away, but if you google moluscus continginutis you get zip! nada!
    carolhop replied to jakestonefire's response:
    I know it's 8 months later, but I was just reading this for my own health purposes. I just googled it and Google suggested "Returning results for molluscum continginutis"

    So that is the way to spell it. molluscum continginutis
    Missparker responded:
    I know it has been 4 years ago since this posted was added, but I am having the same issue. I have had these before years ago, but they eventually went away. Now I have one on the inside of my arm as well as my teenage daughter. They aren't what they people have described below. This is a very small, circular clusters of tiny and several blisters that start out looking as a pimple, but later develop into the several blisters shaped in a perfect circle. The tiny blisters start oozing and become very, very itchy. Once they ooze, they start scabbing, and when it starts to go away it leaves a red circular scar that takes forever to go away. Did you ever find out what this was?
    yobinsue responded:
    Hi, december 30,2013
    I have the same problem,I live in Florida,so far NO ONE has been able to diagnos my problem,mine stared with a very small spot like a freckle kinda,it then turned into a blister sometimes in clusters.
    I itch at time's however not to bad,they have gone from my legs where they began,and now on my lower back ,hands,and one or two on my face,thank goodness I have bangs because they are on my forehead.
    It almost seems when one goes away another appears,and they do ooze like an Amber color,I try really hard not to mess with them,but this is almost impossible,I have even seen a Dermatoligist at Mayo Clinic here in Florida,and they are THE place to go for issue's in which can't be diagnosed,they did a biopsy,told me to pick a soar,well i didnt know if I was picking one of my breakouts or just a regular soar,bottom line NOTHING was found,it is almost a catch 22 you dont want anything found,however when you hear it came back normal,your like what the H@ll ! I continue to have this issue I have had it for at least a year,if I find an answer,I will pass it on ,my next dermotoligist appt. is Jan 26,2014,i will post what info they gave me,meanwhile use EMU oil on wounds,or tea tree oil, or Vitamin E caps filled with oil prick a small needle size hole sqeeze out some oil and then take a regular asprin put it in sponn with water and make a paste,add some Vitamin E oil to the past kinda toothpaste thick and rub this on all the soars /wounds, this will help heal and clear up the wound pretty fast ! NO ALCOHOL ! on your wounds it is to drying,and seems to promote more outbreaks.....EUCERIN Lotion seems to also keep the soars moist and not as noticable. Good luck,I hope I have given some tips that will help you ,as I said I will keep posting as I go to my Doc. visit's, maybe I will get lucky and find out what it far I have been told,through blood tests this is NOT contagious,who know's I hope they are right I too have a 1 year old at home. Best wishes Robin ( )
    chukka responded:
    I have a similar problem. Tiny bumps that start of look like one of the pores in your skin is infected its itchy then seem to spread to surrounding pores almost like mini pimples but not as big but not hard like warts. The little tiny bumps are annoying and have popped up in different places on my skin and seem like they spread where I touch if Im not careful to wash my hands are cover it while sleeping. I had them pop up on my lip, arms, butt but my legs and arms seem to be the favorite spot.

    If you leave them alone, they will scab up and itchy like crazy but go away after a couple weeks. If you pop them they leek an orange-ish looking liquid. My dr said it was like hair bumbs? But Ive had several hair bumps and its not the same.

    I treat them myself. after a soak or shower I will pop the bumps with a sanitized pin. Then use peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Then stops the itching. Then I apply Neosporin and a Band-Aid. I do this 2x a day or when ever it itches; usually it clear up in 1-2 weeks. It leave a round reddish scar that clears up after a few weeks.

    I have also tried not popping the skin and just applying an anti itch cream and keeping it covered with a bandage. It turned into a big puss filled blister (YUKK). It popped on its own and I had to clean it but then little bumps started forming in the same spot! Since then I always soften the skin and clean them.

    But when they appear on my lip I use Campho-Phenique because I hate band-aid on my lip. So in the morning I soften then remove any scabbing. Clean with rubbing alcohol, then apply Campho-Phenique. Clears up on my lip with in the week but there is a scar for a few week that goes away.

    Sorry for the long explanation and any spelling or grammar error but that has worked for me.
    bonitakay responded:
    I have the same thing and after doing some research I found out its Dyshidrosis basically another form of eczema. It is not contagious and I knew that's what it was because at first I was only getting it on my fingers but now I get them on my arms too. It's very rare in the US that's why many doctors know nothing about it 1/15000 Americans get it.
    mrjusiel responded:
    Look up dyshidrosis.

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