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Freckles turn into scabs
spartacus17 posted:
About three years ago, some of the freckles on my body began to harden, as if turning into scabs, and then flake off like a scab. The freckles are still there, and everyone once in a while they will turn into scabs again (though this happens very rarely). Sometimes it's the same freckles, sometimes it's new ones. I've looked on the web to see if this is a symptom of skin cancer, but I haven't found anything that says it is. Anyone have an idea of what this might be?
Susan Evans, MD responded:
Dear spartacus17,

What you are describing sounds like the result of years of sun exposure. As you know, it is impossible to give you a diagnosis over this forum, but you're describing something that sounds like actinic keratosis. Here is a link to WebMD's site that provides a photograph of this condition:

If you suspect that your freckles are beginning to resemble this photo, please get an evaluation by your dermatologist as this could be an early sign of skin cancer. If you deal with it quickly, it is very easy to handle.


Dr. Evans