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Cluster of small blisters
An_207289 posted:
About a year ago, I had a cluster of really small blisters on a toe. They popped and it took months for the skin on my toe finally heal. It was red, and itched and the skin would feel tight, which would lead it to cracking open and then it would be sore and the dried skin.scabs would peel off etc. A couple of weeks ago I got the same cluster of blisters on my left thumb and I accidentally scraped the thumb and the blisters popped and now I'm going through the whole itchy, sore, flaking tight skin again. And I noticed that I have another cluster forming along the edge of that and a cluster forming on my other thumb. My toe healed even if it did take a couple of months, and I'm sure my thumbs will also but I'd like to know what it is and if there is a way to prevent them or maybe treat them better.
Susan Evans, MD responded:
Dear Anon 55323,

Your symptoms can be due to one of several skin conditions ranging from eczema to psoriasis. An evaluation by your physician will help you to rule out what could be the cause and get you on the right track to appropriate treatment. As each skin condition is treated differently, it is important to obtain an accurate diagnosis.


Dr. Evans
TXCiclista responded:
Sounds to me like Dyshidrotic eczema, which I get on occasions. Mine is usually signaled by a significant number of small blisters (barely raised up above the skin) that, if popped, spread and lead to several weeks of dry, flaky skin (that is sometimes raw underneath) before finally healing. Google Health describes it this way (which perfectly matches mine):

Small fluid-filled blisters called vesicles appear on the hands and feet. They are most common along the edges of the fingers, toes, palms and soles. These blisters cause intense itching.
Scratching leads to skin changes and skin thickening. There may be cracks on the fingers or toes.
Large blisters may cause pain.

An_207290 replied to TXCiclista's response:
That sounds like it exactly. Is there anything to do to help it heal faster? I've been putting antibiotic ointment on it with bandages during the day and then letting it breathe at night. The moisture seems to help with the flaking and dryness but the blisters tend to still form at the edges. I try really hard not to do anything to pop them but being on the outside of my thumb makes it hard to do.

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