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My 8 yr old son has pea size growth on his eyebrow.
my0009 posted:
A month ago my 8 yr boy had a small growth on his right eyebrow. which we thought was a pimple or a mole. But it is pea size now. No irritation or redness or puss. The pediatrician was not sure and recommended that we see a child plastic surgeon. Can someone advice please?
SN0219 responded:
Did anyone ever respond about this? My 9 year old has the same thing. It has been there over a year because the Dr. told us it may just be fatty tissue and it would probably go away. It hasn't and it is getting bigger. We have an appointment with his Pediatrician but I was just wondering if you got any feedback or what ever happened with your son.
my0009 replied to SN0219's response:
Well, My son's cyst was growing too. My pediatrician told us to go to see a plastic surgeon and the one she recommended specialized in children. We went for an outpatient surgery and got it removed. The cyst was tested in the lab and the report said it was pilomatrixoma, a benign cyst. He said the chance of it growing back is 0. But some people have the tendency of such growth. I hope this helps and hope every thing goes Ok for you all. Let me know if you have any further questions.
Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
Dear My0009,

As a mother myself, I understand that these little growths on your child can actually cause you much concern. I hope that I can alleviate some of your stress.

Most likely, these growths on the lateral eyebrow tend to be: -cysts (collection of dead skin cells called keratin contained within a sac)
-pilomatrixomas (essentially childhood variants of cysts)
-congenital nevi (deeper moles)
-lipomas (fatty tissue collections)

However, I would suggest seeing a pediatric plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Very very rarely, these growths can be precancerous or cancerous lesions. The other possibility, although exceedingly rare, is that a cyst could actually be connected to brain/ nerve tissue. This is more common for growths on the middle of the face (not on the side, like your son's is).

I sincerely believe that your son's lesion is one of the non worrisome type of growths. However, I just tell you the scary things to look out for so that you can have an informed discussion with your doctor.

I hope that helps and please keep me updated. Good luck and if you have any questions after seeing the specialist I would love to help.
RWPNW replied to my0009's response:
My daughter (6) has similar growth on her lower back. And we have a surgery scheduled. Can you tell me how long it took to resume normal activity? What is the scar like? Any other concerns?
my0009 replied to RWPNW's response:
No Scar at all. I can barely see anything. It was an outpatient procedure. The actual procedure only took about 15-20 minutes. The prep time (waiting room, forms, checking in, Chainging clothes, meeting with anesthesiologist, vitals) etc about 2 hours before. After the procedure, 1 1/2 hours. They forceblly woke his come gave some crackers and drink and released him. But he was dizzy for few hours we had to hold his hand for walking, going up the stairs, bathrooms. Slept and watched TV rest of the day. Procedure wise it goes smoothly, specially if the child is cooperative.