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Strange bump on face
bailey08 posted:
This morning I got out of the shower and noticed this large red spot on the left side of my face. Its slightly raised and is about the size of a nickel. I'm kind of worried it might be ring worm but I've had ringworm before and it always started out as a small mosquito bite looking bump that itches really bad.I didnt notice anything there until today all of a sudden and it doesnt itch at all either. I put on some anit-fungal cream just in case. I really hope its not ringworm especially since its on my face. Could it be a bug bite or a allergic reaction to something?
Susan Evans, MD responded:
Dear bailey08,

Without seeing this red spot, it is entirely possible that it could be due to any one of the possibilities that you mentioned.

Usually I discourage using antifungals on something until you know you're dealing with a fungal infection. It's possible that it is a bug bite, or a reaction to something that you touched or ate.

Keep an eye on it. If it spreads, becomes worse, or does not go away within about 10 days, seek a medical opinion.

If it shows definite signs of ringworm, then treat it accordingly.

I hope this helps some.


Dr. Evans

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