Do I have Psoriasis? Pictures attached.
klutch454 posted:
At times its unbearably itchy. I use hydrocortizone cream on it and it seems to go away. but lfrom scratching it will leave me with scaly skin and it feels rough. looks like the picture of the Psoriasis for of the skin rashes. they are on my feet. one is circle. the others are somewhat a random shape. I need help for this please. thank you
klutch454 responded:
heres links i dont think the insert images worked.
klutch454 replied to klutch454's response:
Somebody please help me on this matter.
hogriderj replied to klutch454's response:
I suspect you have a minor foot fungus. Psoriasis symptoms are similar but usually show up on the elbows and knees at first sign.