Help!! Cystic acne flaring: 70 days til wedding!
An_207427 posted:
I've already scheduled an appt. to see my dermatologist but I'll take any and all advice! I'm flaring up -- 3 cysts in 3 days in different areas of my face and I've got scars already (deep purple skintone). I've been washing with Kiehl's face wash 2X daily (has salicylic acid) and then treating with an OTC benzoyl peroxide treatment. But with 70 days til the wedding and scars, I'm really worried. Is there a derm treatment can I do to help the scarring (Fraxel, Microderm) that is safe within this timeframe and won't potentially cause further damage (I've gotten microderm and it actually caused a flare up in the past...) HELP!!
laserminx responded:
Most cystic acne is caused by hormonal imbalances and stress, (helps to know age range ) Your issue might have to be addressed from that angle, alot of GYN's or NP's offer that service a blood draw is required to get accurate levels. Consider using digestive enzymes and probiotics to help keep your acidity levels down as this can contribute to cystic breakouts as well.
Laser Acne treatments do work very effectively and can help address the discoloration. A less pricey option is spot treating with high frequency, and or LED blue lite stay away from abrasive type treatments. Salicylic acid helps to keep oils at bay but does not have an effect on cystic acne try spot treating with a betonite clay based mask leave on overnight will help form a head, and draw out impurities. In Good Health!