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    itchy skin
    missymae3624 posted:
    This started mid February 2009.....suddenly. It starts with a red bump and it itches real bad to the point, I scratch until it bleeds. The red bump appears very quickly. The bumps don't go away, just more get added. The bumps appear on fingers, wrists, arms, shoulders, stomach, back, legs, arch of feet. I have never had this before. I have seen 2 dermatologists, had biopsies, steroid injection, have spent thousands of $$$ so far. The 2 specialists both suggest it is numular dermatatis or numular eczema and have prescribed 2 different prescription ointments/creams to treat the symptoms. The biopsy analysis has no specific conclusion as to the cause......may be medications, flea bites, other insect bites. I had no medication changes for many months prior to the initial outbreak. We have no pets in the house, my family are not affected with the same condition.

    I have switched to unscented soaps, took BOTTLES of benadryl, took a prescription antibiotic for a month, eliminated a couple medications......not much change to hardly notice. One of the dermatologists mentioned Iowa City Clinic but he admitted that the clinic there usually returns the patients back to them, nothing more that they can identify and cure.

    I have even tried Preparation H because it says it relieves itching......humbug!

    Is what I am experiencing familiar to anybody out there? I need to find relief from this itching, it really is driving me nuts. I put bandaids on the spots to keep me from itching to point of bleeding.

    Missy Mae
    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi there,

    Are you currently taking or using any medications or supplements? If so please click on the Find A Drug link at the top of the board to look them up to see if itching is one of the potential side effects.

    Also use the WebMD search engine to look up eczema including the Eczema Health Center.

    You may want to use body products that leave out coloring and fragrances to see if that helps and take tepid rather then hot water showers or baths to avoid further skin irritation. Use liquid cleansers rather than bar soap as bar soap can leave a residue on the skin.

    Look for laundry cleansers and detergents that leave out coloring and fragrances and avoid fabric softeners and fabric softener dryer sheets as those can leave residues on clothing which can be irritating.

    Try journaling what you are doing, wearing, and eating when your skin is itchy to see if you can help pinpoint any triggers.

    Good luck!

    - Annie
    fibroworn responded:

    I too have been having these red bumps appear quickly and the itching. Only some of my spots have scab over and then get crusty, flaky skin on them. Family dr. sent me to a dermotologist that I had to wait 6 weeks to get into and they took a biopsy of one of the spots and now I have too wait another 2 weeks to get the results. Have tried creams but nothing seems to help. I also have trouble itching where there is no spots and then causing little spots and scabs because of scratching. I also suffer from fibromyalgia and am not sure if that has anything to help causes this. Wish I had a answer for you but i don't only that I know exactly how you feel.

    Jenatils responded:
    Unfortunately when it comes to these skin conditions there is no eczema cure . You will have to treat the symptoms as best you can with topical steroid creams and moisturizers.

    Once the symptoms have gone away the best thing to do is avoid all triggers and prevent flare ups as best you can.
    Jutawan responded:
    I have something similar and was looking for information I'm in Bali Indonesia and don't have access to great doctors. I've started using what there is probably calamine lotion. It's working great - however, as soon as I stop, it starts again I've only been using about 2 weeks - great relief and the new areas have disappeared only the oldest (would you believe 3 years) remains. Perhaps after more weeks, it will be gone too. A friend said she thought it was parasites - after research it's possible but parasites travel and after 3 years I'd be covered with this. And my husband hasn't gotten it. Hope this helps - although your post is very old - and if anyone has other solutions/ideas, please let me know.

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