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Severe Itch, Can't Sleep, Miserable!!!
IrishBonanza posted:
Hi there. I've never posted anything on here before but I'm at my wits end! This started about 6 weeks ago. I am unbelievably itchy almost everywhere on my body, I can barely sleep anymore and I want to rip my flesh off. It started out as just some uncomfortable light itching on the back of one of my thighs and my stomach. I travelled to the West Coast, stayed in a hotel and the itching persisted, gradually getting worse with no change upon return. The most obvious question asked is "did you change your ____" shampoo? lotion? makeup? detergent? etc. etc. No, I have not, I am quite the creature of habit.

I guess I would say the oddest/most frustrating thing about this is that there is NO obvious rash, bumps, bites or anything anywhere. At first I couldn't tell and after researching all over the internet I thought I most likely had scabies because the itching was the worst on my buttocks and inner thighs. It seemed like there were bumps/bites on my rear but I think it was just from me scratching. I got to the point 3 1/2 weeks ago that all I did was scratch and cry all night and watch the hours go by and I called my Dr. they couldn't see me, so I went to the ER. The ER doc after examination (note: no one did any blood tests) said it was NOT fleas, scabies or bed bugs. He said it could be some other mite but there was not any obvious bites anywhere so he wasn't sure. He told me to start taking Zyrtec and/or Benadryl and wash everything I own in hot water, etc. Mind you, I am quite a tidy person and I keep my apartment clean.

*sigh* Soooooo started taking the meds practically like candy and purchased every Aveeno and Eucerin product out there. Nothing's been working. Have the Benadryl and Zyrtec given any relief? No, not as far as I can tell. Yes, the itching is the worst at night but I do itch during the day as well. One guy I work with said he was "going through the same thing" but his doc says it's allergies, another woman I work with said she was going through the same thing and it turns out after months of trying to figure things out it's some sort of autoimmune disease.

I went to the dermatologist only 1 week ago. He looked me over but there was no poking,prodding and he feels that I have a bacterial form of Foliculitis and he gave me antibiotics and a steroid cream and said to give it 2 weeks. It's a week later, I'm done with the medicine and I am as miserable as ever. I don't know what to do. He had said that if it was still bothering me he'd call in a prescription for Scabies meds but I really don't think that's what it is. Can I force him to see me again and take a closer look? Any input would be appreciated.
Susan Evans, MD responded:
Dear IrishBonanza,

Yes, it is entirely appropriate to return to your dermatologist for a reevaluation. Without going back and letting him know that his treatment didn't work, he won't have any need to look further.


Dr. Evans
betterhealthtoday responded:
I also had the exact same itching. It was actually driving me crazy (to say the least)! I also never received an answer from the dermatologist or my family doctor. No one can help me (or I have not found anyone that can)..I do not know where else to look. I carry Aveeno anti-itch cream with me in my purse and also leave calamine lotion in my car just in case I am driving or at work and I start to itch. Sometimes I will take two baths a day to help the itching. After my bath, I put anti-itch lotion on followed by calamine lotion followed by anti-itch powder. It comes out of the blue, one minute I am fine and the next minute I am going nuts with all this itching. I have itched and scratched myself so bad that I have drawn the blood up to my skin and now I have what appears to be bruising all over the lower parts of my body (legs, buttocks, upper thighs). I very seldom have itching on the upper half of my body.
IrishBonanza replied to betterhealthtoday's response:
Hi there! Yes, my itching is in the areas identical to yours. Sometimes I get itching on my neck shoulders but not nearly as often or as badly as my legs, buttocks, etc. I called my dermatologist back on Friday and told them that the antibiotics and steroid cream they had given me had not helped at all. (I noticed the areas that had been the most red had subsided but it was still itchy.) The nurse discussed wit the doctor, called me back and said they wanted to try one more thing on the assumption that it is bacterial foliculitis. So they called in a prescription for a stronger steroid foam to use all over, twice a day for a week and THEN if I still see no improvement they would like to see me again. I've been using it for 3 days now, and seeing as how it burns when it is first applied, I take that as a good sign!!!! I am seeing improvement but the foam is really hard to apply everywhere so I'm afraid I'm missing spots. Also, it is not enough in one can for an entire week to use twice a day on almost my entire body so I think I am going to ask for a 2nd one to finish out for the week. I'll let you know Friday or Saturday how I'm feeling!!!
mumJulieH responded:
Hi IrishBonanza , I had this problem along with other problems, including severe depression kicking in because of how I feel. I thought it may have been very early menopause (being 37), and went to see my nurse. She did blood tests and I have a vitamin B12 deficiency (due to my celiac's disease) and this is the apparent cause of my extreme itching. Now it's a waiting game to see a doctor before I get any answers, but I would suggest you ask for blood tests just in case.

Best Wishes,
Norriscjn responded:
I am having the exact same thing. Can't figure it I lay here awake miserable. I live in talent, Oregon.