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    Make up with out COLOPHONY
    rrhock1213 posted:
    I was wondering if anyone knows of any make up, sunscreens and/or laundry detergents that do not contain colophony. I just found out that im allergic to it. any help would be great. thanks. rachel
    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Rachel,

    WebMD's database doesn't have any information on colophony or rosin or tree resin which I looked up using the Google search engine. You may want to avoid any resin based hair wax removal products that you use that are resin based. Look for hair removal products that are sugar based instead.

    You may want to use Google to look for more information about this product to see if you can find skin care and makeup lines that do not use this ingredient. Remember that this also may not be listed on the ingredient deck of a makeup or skin care product as colophony or resin either.

    - Annie
    247crl responded:
    Almay for mascara and eyeshadow. Lancome for foundation and perfume. Estee lauder for eyeliner and lipstick. The good old red pencils for brows - I think thats covergirl but I'm not sure. Clinique used to have a good moisturizer called 'superdefense' but they just changed the formula so I am sampling new ones - Nivea in the white jar is a contender. All brand laundry detergent in the white 'free' bottle is great. Watch out for bandaids and medical tape too--- HORRIBLE contact dermatitis depending on the brand. If you seem to have issues with milk(yogurt & icecream but not butter or hard cheeses or goat products), wheat and oats but don't know why colophony is used in the pastuerization process and in the processing of wheat and oats so you must contact the manufacturer. Colophony is also used in the waxes on fruits, it can be washed off. If you do not have a latex allergy use latex gloves rather than the latex free variety because they usually contain colophony. I have a autoimmune reaction to colophony when ingested which can be known as ester gum, wood rosin, wood resin, phenyl resin or rosin, phenyl formaldehyde, wood alcohol, and other names. My joints swell to the point of serious pain where I am unable to move them. Like the 'Ice' flavored no calorie beverages, or chewing gum--- check everything - certain coatings on medications contain colophony too.
    srm235 replied to 247crl's response:
    Hi, I have bad skin allergies and have to stay away from formaldehyde as well. As you might know, it's not as easy as looking for the name formaldehyde on the back of a label, you need to know the 12 other chemical names for it. As is the case for colophony. I've built a tool that scans the ingredients for products and cross references particular allergies and all f their chemical synonyms. I was wondering if you could take a look and see if this is something that would be useful for you. Would you mind taking a look and giving me your feedback? I've suffered for years looking at products and reading labels. It's so frustrating. If you want to take a look, the site is : .You can select your allergy on the drop down on the right side and then you'll see a list of products that are clear of that allergen. Is this something that would be useful to you if I added colophony? Thanks for your time.
    dollymixture replied to srm235's response:
    Dear sm235,

    I think it would be fantastic if you added "colophony" on your clearforme site. Sadly, colophony is used quite widely in cosmetics, household products ....even chewing gum, dental and bandage adhesives. So its quite a daunting task to avoid it in products. I see your website has "Balsam of Peru" as a listed allergen. Colophony is also derived from the resin of tree, so I've seen "Balsam of Peru" listed as cross reaction that should may also help to avoid if one is allergic to Colophony. Would you also be expanding products to include cosmetics and cleaning products on your website? Thank you!
    PattiJoA replied to 247crl's response:
    Thanks for the wealth of information. I got the skin patch test results today and I reacted to colophony. I actually itched a lot during the testing, and the Dr. and I realized it was the tape that was used to hold the patches down that was causing all the itching.

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