Dark area on forehead!
mls1206 posted:
I developed over the past year a dark area on my forehead it started last summer I noticed that I had this patch on my forehead the was darker. I always wear sunscreen. It faded in the winter but was still there. It is not going away. How do I get rid of it? It reminds me of a birth mark. I have tried creams but they didn't work.
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi mls, You may want to read about melasma which many people develop, especially women on their face. The darkened skin can be due to hormones, birth control pills, HRT, and sun exposure. Try using products that contain 2 percent hydroquinone daily. Up the SPF on your sunscreen to at least an SPF 30 and make sure that it's broad spectrum for UVA and UVB rays. Try wearing a hat while outdoors too. I personally do not find that sunscreen is enough to protect my face from sun exposure and I always wear a hat and sunglasses too when I'm outside walking my dog. I hope that helps! - Annie