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Body Acne
Blue_Eyes_1 posted:
I had never had a problem with acne. I got on the birth control pill, and was on it for about a year. I decided to get off of it, and soon after, I got horrible acne. It was bad on my face and it came horribly in places I have never seen it back and chest. It was so disgusting! After a few months of that, I got back on the pill and my acne improved significantly. But I still get the occasional break out on my back, and my entire back is all scarred up now. I can't get the breakouts on my chest to clear up. It is so embarrasing; I have to wear very high cut shirts to cover my whole body up. Even after all this ance clears up, I'm going to have to get a chemical peel or laser treatment to help with the scars. But before I can do that, I need the breakouts to stop; especially on the chest. I just got a huge, under-the-skin, pimple right on the top of the brack of my butt. I'm getting acne in places I wouldn't think of. I'm sure all the issues are due to quitting the birth control pill. But how long will I keep having these breakouts? I use a body acne shower gel by neutrogena, but it apparently doesn't work. What can I do????
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Blue_Eyes_1,

I am very sympathetic as I experienced bad acne as a teen and adult. I want to ask you to see a dermatologist for help because the acne is not getting better and you are saying that you have scars. Please don't wait until it clears up to see a dermatologist for help even if you are thinking of the chemical peels or laser resurfacing to get rid of the scars. Perhaps a dermatologist can get you on the road to clearer skin faster.

Please click on the Acne Health Center for more helpful articles.

Take care!

- Annie
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