Vinegar causing facial sweating
U4Euh posted:
So hear is the deal:

Anytime I eat anything that contains vinegar or even the thought of vinegar makes my face sweat profusely. I can eat some french fries and dip them in ketchup and my face literally pours sweat to the point of me needing a beach towel. The rest of my body is fine, just from the neck up. I don't sweat anywhere else during the occurrence. Every condiment contains vinegar and a lot of foods do too so it is simply not possible to avoid.

I had a break through at one time when I injured my leg and my doctor prescribed me 10mg Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) 3x daily and I noticed that the sweating stopped completely. I looked into the chemical make up of the drug and read it had histamine properties so I tried benadryl thinking it was a food allergy. It did nothing and neither does any of the other allergy medicines. Can anyone tell me how and why Flexeril completely cured my facial sweating because it is becoming annoying having to carry a beach towel to a restaurant just to eat.

Thank You.
undefined responded:
you're not alone..same thing happens to me