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Psoriasis in groin area
txmn1212 posted:
I've had psoriasis ever since I was a teenager. I'm on clobex spray and dovonex cream for my psoriasis. I think I have psoriasis in my groin area, but I'm not sure. I was going to use the dovonex cream in that area, but don't know if I should. It's embarrassing, but the area that seems to be affected is between my scrotum and rectal area. I don't know whether I should just use some cream there or wait for my next exam and have her look at it. I shower daily and I know it's not a hygiene issue, but it does itch there---and it's noticeable from time to time. Would it scale like normal psoriasis?
Capsaicin responded:
Psoriasis in that area would not be scaly since it usually stays moist. Also, psoriasis in that area can occur, but it is not as common as on elbows and knees. Clobex should not be used in that area. Have your dermatologist examine. There are other things that can occur down there.

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