I have a large pimple under my arm for yrs now
dawns61 posted:
Can you please tell me why I have this pimple under my left armpit and I've had it for many yrs .Its keeps filling up and gets large again when I try to empty it. I've probably had it for 10 yrs or more.And theres white stuff that comes out when squeezed.It just wont go away.
Thank you
Capsaicin responded:
It is probably a cyst. It can be surgically removed by your doctor.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Dawn,

I found a similar discussion with Dr. Buchness' response -

Annoying Lump Keeps Coming Back

Does this sound familiar?

dawns61 replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
no,this doesnt sound like it at all ,theres a constant bump that continues to get that white stuff like a pimple but never goes away and continues to fill back up. Do I see a dermatologist about this ? I've had this ongoing for 10 or so yrs .Just dont understand why it wont go away.
Anon_233452 replied to dawns61's response:
have had something like that since i was a kid but mine went away just recently after changing my diet so maybe thats a start or something to look at
livininmiami replied to dawns61's response:
I had a cyst, years ago and had surgery on it BUT they didnt take it all out. Now I have this cyst smack in the middle of my chest growing next to a keloid. This is the only reason I dont mess with it, because the keloid is small and I dont want to make it look worse. I dont know what to do, I do think I need to go see a dermatologist. I have recently moved to Miami and just cant find the right place. But yes, we both need to go to a dermatoligist, they will know what to do.