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painful swollen lump on forehead
prof23 posted:
A few days ago, suddenly I had an itch on my forehead right above my eyebrow. There was no bump or redness, but when I touched the spot, it hurt a little. Its 3 days later and now that spot seems swollen. It's about the size of a dime or maybe a bit smaller. It is still not red at all. It no longer itches but really really hurts to touch and seems to be growing in width. It is definitely not a pimple. I've had acne, and have been treated for it for years. There is no pore opening, or clear "center" of the spot. There are no insect "bite marks" I can see. I tried to squeeze it to see if it reacted at all like a deep pimple, but it didnt feel or react like one. I've been using acne treatment on it (Ziana gel) just in case, but no improvement - its only getting larger. Slowly growing, but definitely getting wider and more sore. I've also been taking antihistamines regularly in case of an allergic reaction to a bug bite, but is hasn't helped. Its a clear bump that moves with the skin and hurts terribly to the touch. It's hard to notice, because it is the same color as my skin and doesnt protrude out from my face enough for those not inspecting closely to see it. Any ideas? It's starting to worry me.
4Watermonkeys responded:
Is it possible that it's an ingrown hair since it's close to your eyebrow? Also, instead of putting an acne treatment on it, have you tried a topical that would act as an anti-inflammatory to see if that brings the swelling and soreness down?
Sparky23456 responded:
Dear prof23: It may be that you are developing a boil or abcess under the skin. If it's that painful, and you're that worried - it's probably a good idea to see your doctor. If it is a boil, he may prescribe antibiotics to ward off the underlying infection. I wish you well.
Alfae responded:

Consulting with your Dermatologist is in order. There are procedures available to drain the area if possible. I hope you see some improvement soon.

Great health to You!

sweetpea425 responded:
I have this on my forehead now, also pain behind both ears and a small hard lump just below the ear lobe. Did you find out what the lump was on your forehead?

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