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please help inflamation
An_241064 posted:
have a spot that i presume was going to be a pimple as I am on my cycle, and like every other time I break out. I see this pimple forming and I think nothing of it (wash my face and put acne meds on my face)( monday)... tuesday it feels sore and i think well duh it is going to rise to the surface ( continue rinsing and putting medication all over my face) Wednesday morning I wake up and it looks like someone has punched me.. my lower eye area and side of nose is all inflamed.. I could barely see out my left eye, as the day went on it reduced in puffiness.... what do I do? should I go see a doctor?
Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
Dear An_241064,

You may have a chronic small acne cyst in the area. A cyst is a collection of dead skin cells enclosed in a sac structure. These acne cysts are very hormonally responsive thus the flare around your period. A few options include spot treatment with an OTC benzoyl peroxide cream or gel or salicylic acid.

If this indeed is a cyst that keep recurring, you may want to see a derm - we can put a small, relatively painless injection of cortisone into the cyst and it shrinks (and often goes away forever!) within 24- 48 hours.

Personal story- my best friend had an acne cyst on her cheek, I did a quick injection of it in a restroom of a Manhattan restaurant. Just at the moment that I was injecting, a woman walked in and gave us the funniest look! We were both pretty embarrassed but my bf's cyst did go away by the next day

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