bumps on face deep oil pockets
puppiedog123 posted:
I had been to a dermatologist last year and asked about little bumps appearing on my face and he said that the were deep oil pockets, what I would like to know is there a way that I can get rid of them or am I stuck with them, my family doctor will not give me a referral to see the dermatolgist, any good suggestions out there. Puppiedog123
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi puppiedog123, A dermatologist should be able to help get rid of any bumpiness. One cause of bumps can be sebaceous gland hyperplasia which is an overgrowth of oil glands. You may want to read more about it by using the WebMD search engine Swollen Glands and Other Lumps Under the Skin - Preparing For Your Appointment. If your doctor won't recommend a dermatologist for you, you may want to find one yourself if your health insurance does not require a referral. Otherwise you may want to look for a new primary care doctor. Good luck! - Annie