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Help with Angular Cheilitis
LevinGumknit posted:
Seeking serious advice from anyone who has experience suffering from chronic, long-term angular cheilitis (painful cracks in corners of mouth). I have had the condition for over 3 months and during this time have seen 4 dermatologists and tried every conventional treatment available including oral and topical antibiotics and antifungals and more recently Protopic. No results. Very painful to talk and eat. Has anyone had this problem and how did they beat it? Thanks for your much needed advice, Levin
Bee1937 responded:
Angular Cheilitis can be cured by taking a multivitamin with B-complex and 1000 mg of Vit C daily for a 2 weeks-- UNLESS---you wear dentures in which case you need new one which open you bite back to it's normal dimension. Your dentist should have been able to diagnose this problem immediately. bmitdoc, DDS
Rachael67 responded:
I have low vitamin B/Folic acid and it often shows itself by cracks in the corner of my mouth. I take several B multi vitamins as well as folic acid for a few days, and it seems to respond well.

Hope it works well for you too!

Blessings. Rachael
Denver5 responded:
I suffered from the same problem for years. The problem is indicative of a vitamin B deficiency - I'm sorry but I don't recall which B vitamin.

I tried taking "GNC B-Complex 50" (GNC stores or online from and found it works for me. I take one tablet per day and it usually suffices. I occasionally still have a minor problem but I find that if I take an extra tablet for a day or two it clears up.

This is a powerful complex and you may be advised to let your physician know your taking it. Good luck.
SC83616 responded:
I have had relief after taking high doses of fish oil. I started with 4000 mg per day of high quality fish oil and now have dropped back to 2000 mg.. it has helped me overall with chronic inflamation.. hope it helps
mmf4591 responded:
Dear LevinGumknit - I have had this problem many years so I can truly relate. My dentist is responsible for not only telling me what it was but what to do for it. You don't need antibiotics/fungals or even Protopic. What you need is "Riboflavin", more commonly known as vitamin B2. You also need alot of vitamin C. You can also try an OTC preparation of Hydrocortisone cream or ointment massaged as best as pain permits into the corners of your mouth, during the day & especially at nite so it can really work as you sleep rather than being removed while eating/talking. These are commonly caused by stress, & while you may take an individual vitamin B, the vitamin B's generally work better when taken in equal proportions with one another. Thus, I suggest a B-complex, riboflavin/B2 in a separate pill, & vitamin C. With the vitamin B, your urine may turn bright yellow & smell like baby vitamins - not to worry. When taking vitamin C, I take 500mg-1000mg (1 Gram) several times daily or at least in the AM & PM. I have been told you know you have enough vitamin C in your body as you will possibly get diarrhea & if you do, cut back on the vitamin C to when the diarrhea stops & then you will be giving your body the amount of vitamin C it needs. Vitamins B & C are good vitamins in their own right but especially so if you are under alot of stress as most people are. You cannot take to much of either as you rid of the excess when you urinate. Once the cracks go away they may return when you least expect them. If you have stopped taking the vitamins &/or hydrocortisone cream, resume. You also don't need to use the hydrocortisone cream all the time, use it when the cracks are really bad until you start to see healing & then ease off it. I also have a problem with dry lips to begin with so I am also applying a lip balm frequently throughout the day (I always have one in my pocket). You will find one that you prefer over others. Try to find one you like that has a SPF of 30 especially if you are athletically inclined & are outdoors alot. I use mine inside & outside no matter what the weather. At nite is a great time to apply before bed as your lips/corners won't get dried out as much especially if you are a mouth breather. I know I have said alot here but I just want to cover all. I find the store called the "Vitamin Shoppe" a good place to get all my vitamin needs & the staff is generally very helpful as well as knowledgeable. Good-luck, may this all be of help to you. Heal well & soon.
tkhelper responded:
Get a tube of Zovirax cream 5% mine cleared up in 3 days. You can order it online or ask doc for prescription.
tangerinetangerine responded:
Here's my story, I've been dealing with angular cheilititis for years. The first time I got it was when I was 13 and it was so embarrassing and traumatizing during middle school times. My mom tried buying me every single chapstick and cream out there. It was so painful that the corners of my mouth would bleed and it would even turn black around the area. My mom took me to this place where they gave me vitamins and they gave me this horrrible clear fishing smelling gel and finally I had relief but it took a while and went away...for a few years...last year and this year I got it again. I got a cold 4 days ago, couldn't breath through my nose at night, which led to drooling, and woke up with the cracks on one side of my mouth. This is how I healed it last year and this is how it's healing now.

1.Wash with anti bacterial soap a couple of times
2. Dry the area
3. Apply anti fungal cream (I used Lotrimin)

I've read that it's either bacterial or fungal so I figure I'm taking care of both. Once you apply the cream you'll feel IMMEDIATE relief cause the cream relieves itching, burning, cracking, and scaling. I swear by a few hours of washing with anti bacterial soap and applying the cream it got significantly better. By the next day I went from two cuts on the corner of my mouth to one, and then the third day (today) I have no cuts, and it's almost completely healed. I want everyone that's suffering from this to read this and to get better because I know how horrible it is. The first time I got it was when I was 13, and now I'm almost 23!

1.Don't get your angular chielititis wet with your saliva!
2. Drink lots of water!
3. Eat healthy
4. Vitamins vitamins vitamins
5. Probably cut out some alcohol so you're hydrated.

I hope this helps at least change one persons life!
barefootlover responded:
I had similar symptoms for a few months. My dermatologist diagnosed a yeast infection. She gave me a 2 gram sample tube of topical Xolegel (2% ketoconazole). I applied it twice per day and the symptoms disappeared in 5 days. My lips don't crack anymore and the dryness is gone. My doctor recommends drinking one ounce of water per pound of body weight per day and checking lip balm and skin products with the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep cosmetic database. Look for products with a "0" rating (best). URL Avoid products with higher ratings that can cause irritation.
radj1973 replied to tkhelper's response:
5% ? that's a bit strong....

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