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    Boil or Ingrown hair now Open Wound
    tiffanyhb posted:
    So I had what I think was an ingrown hair or boil etc...I popped it and now it's an open wound right where my underwear rest on my skin between my leg and private parts. It's not a huge wound but it looks pretty deep. I keep it clean and I keep a gauze pad on it. It drains a little bit of puss which it like whitish and off white sometimes with a tiny bit of blood in it. It has been this way for about 3 weeks now. It doesn't hurt. It's not bright red. It doesn't seem like it's infected....Sometimes it itches which makes me think it's healing but I will look at again in 2 days and it still looks the same. Is it suppossed to take this long to heal. I don't know what to do at this point. I had this same problem maybe 10 years ago in the same place. I don't remember how long it took to heal but I remember it took a long time. I excercise daily and I am wondering if I keep stretching the skin back open. I don;t think anything is wrong wirh me other then living my life with an open wound tha tI care for daily, but if I were to go to the doctor..what kind of doctor would I see. Dermitologist? any advice would help please? I really just want it to heal so I can have some peace of mind!
    MaryAnn0926 responded:
    Try using old fashion hydrogen peroxide. It will dry up the area. One more thing: you must keep the infected area covered with a gauze so as not to spread to other areas. Soak a piece of gauze with hydrogen peroxide and then tape it on. And I would change it a couple of times a day. Good Luck.

    tiffanyhb responded:
    Wow- I got 1 whole response!

    I live in a small town. I have called alot of doctors and nobody is excepting new patients. I am pretty dissapointed in this site. Nobody has anything else to add to my concern.....Did anyone else even read my post? Hasn't anyone else had a problem like this. did I post in the wrong section? Now I really won't get anyone responding to my inquiry because of what I am writing...

    Not that I am getting loads or responses anyways

    bye bye
    notmyfault responded:
    Hi Tiffany:

    I can give you some information as my son and daughter, both adults, developed similar wounds. In one week's time my daughter went from thinking she had a small pimple on her back just below her waist. By week's end, she had a VERY painful red bump that would fill with puss and continue to drain. She called me and I perked up and told her to get into an urgent care or emergency room as it sounded to me to be MRSA, a strep infection on your skin. Everything that I have read says to get to medical help ASAP as the infection could be a resistant variety to antibiotics. She got in to the doc and he confirmed it was strep. He put her on Bactrum for 10 days and of course said if it didn't improve in 2 - 3 days to come back in. She took all of the med and the infection cleared up. My son had what he thought was an ingrown hair on his leg. He was draining it, cleaning it, packing it with antibiotic ointment and covering it with a bandage. I guess he got it to clear up but it came back. He was going into work (firefighter/paramedic) when a buddy came up wondering what my son had done to his leg. He took off the bandage to show his buddy who immediately said "that's a strep infection". He too was put on a strong antibiotic for 10 days. This is still all very new to the public. No one knows how they picked it up or where. The problem with this infection is, no one knows which strep germ they have. Some are so resistant and can take off killing the person in 24 - 48 hrs. This is a highly resistant strep bacteria. Jim Henson, the inventor of the Muppets died in 3 days from what looked like the flu but the tests came back as strep. At the moment it sounds as though your wound hasn't become inflammed yet but don't delay in getting to a doc so he can check it out. Some docs want to swab and culture the bacteria, others don't. If you google MRSA you'll find all the info you need. Remember, let a doc make a decison as to how to treat it. If no one is taking new patients, then go to Urgent Care, or an Infectious Disease doc, or an Emergency Room.
    Sparky23456 responded:
    Dear Tiffany: While 'notmyfault' has a point about it possibly being MRSA, the agent that causes this infection is 'Staphylococcus Aureus' ('staph' infection - not strep). Yes, cases of 'community-acquired' MRSA (which means that the 'staph' bacteria is 'Methicillin-Resistant', so that only a select few antibiotics are effective in treating it) have increased dramatically over the last couple of years. It can be very nasty, sometimes fatal. At the risk of scaring you, I need to tell you that, LEFT UNTREATED, a MRSA infection can spread to your bones, your blood (becoming septic), and/or your vital organs. I only tell you this so that you WILL get it checked, as a precaution.

    That doesn't mean that you have it. You need to go to a doctor and have the wound cultured. If it is MRSA, your doctor or clinic will treat it accordingly.

    Staph germs are everywhere in our environment, especially areas like locker rooms, community showers, gyms, pools, even schools. In fact, a large number of people actively carry the staphylococcus bacteria in their noses. THAT'S WHY GOOD HYGIENE AND PRECAUTIONS ARE SO IMPORTANT. The smallest break in the skin can become an opening for bacteria. If you frequent public areas like pools, gyms, sports locker rooms, etc., it is important that you shower asap when you get home. Wash any towels or linens in HOT water (with bleach, if possible), disinfect your sports/gym equipment after each use. AND ALWAYS REMEMBER TO WASH YOUR HANDS!

    By all means, do Google MRSA, because the general public should be educated about this growing health issue and the necessary precautions to prevent it. There are some excellent websites that offer very practical tips to prevent the spread of staph.

    This used to be an issue that occurred mainly in hospitals and/or nursing homes. No one really knows for sure why it has become a 'community-acquired' infection over the last few years.

    Hopefully, it's nothing more than a case of folliculitis (inflammation of a hair follicle). Worst-case scenario, IF it's MRSA, you'll have it drained (maybe) and be on some heavy-duty antibiotics for a while. Hope this helps. May God bless.

    P.S.: Sorry for not responding sooner, but my computer crashed about 7 weeks ago, and I'm STILL playing 'catch-up' with my e-mails!
    alleyesonme responded:
    Hi Tiffany....its not that any1 is not responding to your concern...this site is pretty hard to figure out especially when your new.....but Iv'e had somewhat the same problem as you...except i have it all over my legs and arms....i thought it was ingrown hairs.....or razor bumps...but just your luck today i went to my doc because i got really tired of seeing these pimple like bumps on my skin and he said it was Folliculitis usually looks like red pimples with a hair in the center of each one. The pimples may have pus in them, and they often itch or burn. For deeper, more severe infections, your doctor may prescribe antibiotic or antifungal pills, depending on what is causing your folliculitis. its all done with tests and samples from the pimple...i guess....i well tell you more once i go to my second doc appt.....thats if i find this post again!!!i hope its been a little help to you.
    SabrinaHere responded:
    Hi Tiffany, Did you find out what you had? I have exactly the same thing. Right where my underwear rest on my skin between my leg and butt cheek was a small raised boil. It hurt so I picked it and only water came out. Then, over the next few days it flattened and spread like an ulcer. The rim around it is raised and it is itchy. I later thought maybe it is ringworm, but doesn't really look like ringworm. I thought it could be an allergy to elastic, or that stuff they sew in the underwear that touches my skin. Please let me know what happened to your bump. Thanks, Sabrina
    cjhjr60 responded:
    Hi tiffany,

    I have a page that might help
    acevedob38 responded:
    Sorry that you are going through the same thing I go through,and I mean I can get this anytime,it can take 2 years or just months and I get these things,now beleive me I have tried alot of things,and I can tell oyu one that really help me,now i don't know if you are a person that you confine in home remedies,but if you would go through what I go you would try the same things..Now I cut a onion,(white) then the butt area is the one your going to use,so now you ahve your butt from the onion of course...Now look in the butt and take the inside of the butt out,now burn it on he stove top,until it gets burned on the bottom,now once its burned let it cool down,just a little or just where your body can take the heat of it,well just put it on the affected area,and gauze it,this will take the puss out and drain it dry..Good Luck!!You acn also use aloe plant ,same thing but one the aloe you burn it front and back,and then you open it up,and put it on the area..Please reply back..hope ypu feel better..
    farmette50 responded:
    sounds like follicuitis.i have the little red bumps that start out small,then usually gets a little bigger.i found it i don't bump them it will stay small and usually go away.once the bump breaks open,for me it usually takes a month for it to heal up real good.solution:when you see a small bump start spraying it with vinegar water,it works,it goes away and doesn't break open into a sore.i spray it 3 or 4times dailey.1 tablespoon white vinegar and 1/3cup of water,i put mine in a small spray bottle.I got this information off web md. hope this will work for you. Brenda
    freenhappy responded:
    Hi Tiffanyhb,

    So, all these responses, although 3 years ago, are good but the reality is there is only one on here that is pointing out exactly what you have. That response is from "notmyfault". You had what I NOW have, which is an area in your bikini or privates region, which may have had either an abrasion from a close shave or wax, OR a slight ingrown hair which got infected from normal bacterias thatlive on your skin. They are GOOD bacterias for external purposes, but when they come in contact with an open wound, especially one that is in a dark, more moist "doesnt see much sun" area of your body (p.s. can happen all over the body but this area is most common).

    "not myfault" told you about both experiences from her adult children, one of who provides urgent care. Here's the thing:a lab result from a culture can tell you whether or not your infection is MRSA, which is a highly contagious form of STAPH infection, or STREP, another bacteria that, again, is a "good" bacteria designed to live on the exterior of your body.

    If you had MRSA, believe me, you would know it. Infections on the skin in open wounds where MRSA is involved is horrifically painful; there is much redness, tenderness, very uncomfortable, and most importantly, usually has THICK GREEN PUS and alot of it. If you looked up MRSA online there are some pretty disturbing pictures of how much damage and discomfort this tiny little bacteria can do.

    But again going back to "not myfault" BOTH her children, in different circumstances, didnt have MRSA. They were both diagnosed with STREP. STREP is a common surface bacteria; it lives on our skin and is known as a "good" bacteria (MRSA is NOT by the way). That is not to say there are several kinds of diseases, conditions, and infections that can become VERY SERIOUS with STREP bacteria and infections, but again we're talking about its basic principles. Everyone has bacteria living on their skin. Sometimes, people get little infections in a cut, scrape, open wound, or scratch that cause infection. MOST of the time, that is a STREP infection. What you had can almost definitely be sumed up in your description of your "owie". First, you mentioned WHITE or almost OFF WHITE PUS with a small mixture of blood, second, the wound was very tender, and third, it DIDNT go away (and for some people with antibiotic ointment and good health are able to get it to clear up..... then SURPRISE ITS BACK). THAT is a STREP infection.

    I am and have JUST gone through this whole thing, and I have had little to NO luck with online helps, research, or the like, hence my response when I read your question. I am putting this response out there so anyone else who is unfortunate enough to experience this with take heart, know they're not alone, not be embarrassed, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION.

    I shave my pubic reason regularly and have for 15 years with NO problems until 8 months ago. Like "notmyfault" kids, I had a red bump, like a pimple develope on my bikini area between my leg fold and private area. I kept it clean, antibiotic cream, bandaid, and it went away..... then kept coming back. It got to be extremely painful so I went to the doctor. They did a culture to make sure it wasnt MRSA (which because I had WHITE or OFF WHITE PUS with mixture of blood) and put me on Bactrim for 10 days (2xsa day). 4 days later, it was geting better, not as swollen, tender, but still not "closed up", The lab results came back NOT MRSA but "STREP" infection. So now I am finishing out the Bactrim and on another antibiotic to kill the STREP infection. I will try and find this again so I can post when I am all done with my medical care and antibiotics....

    But the moral of the story is, if, in your personal or private areas you have something that looks like an infected cut, boil, ingrown hair, or the like, get it looked at RIGHT AWAY. Any general practitioner will be able to help asap and that way you wont go through all the pain discomfort we all have!!!
    sexipixie responded:
    had this years ago. it's from wearing something too tight and it pinched or rubbed, such as jeans.. when the white head shows up, pop it. (squeeze.. don't baby it) it's like a big zit. yes it will hurt for a split second but the infection will be gone. it will heal within two days guarenteed!!!
    movingartt responded:
    hey there I have a similar problem but the thing is when my boils open wound is about to heal I go to the bathroom and when I excrete it becomes very painful on my would and I bleed now I'm afraid to use the bathroom but because I'm eating I have to go and it's the same painful experience over and over again can anyone please help.... send it to thanks in advance

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