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Dry Itchy Circular Rash Near Breast
arielxx1234 posted:

One morning I woke up after sleeping with my bra on, I don't know if this is connected in any way, but when I woke up I noticed a red circular spot on my breast. The spot was round, red, and itchy. I went to two dermatologists who checked for a fungus, and that came back negative. The first dermatologist prescribed told me I had Pityriasis Rosea and prescribed me Fluticasone Propionate Cream. I was told to apply this twice daily and I did so for about 4 weeks. However, with PR other spots are supposed to show up and I got none. I also used Cortizone 10 in addition. It got worse before it got better, and it seemed to be clearing up. Then, my skin started to get these pimple like things on it and the second dermatologist I saw recommended that I stop all medications. Well I did that for 3 days and this so called rash was back again. It could be because it was really hot at night because when I woke up I noticed it was really inflamed, red and itchy. I tried to use the creams which made it seem like it flared up. So I tried witch hazel which seemed to dry out whatever it was. Now it is still red, and it seems scaly/bumpy to the touch. I'm not sure if it has gotten any bigger. It seemed like dry skin so I've been trying to put a light layer of the fluticasone cream on it and I've also been applying the cortisone in addition. I've seen little improvement. Can anyone please help me? I would love to know what it is and how to treat it. Its been 6 weeks today and the spot is still there. Also I've been trying to refrain from wearing bras. Thank you so much!
hound1972 responded:
Thanks for asking my wife has the same spots as well.She also wears her bra to bed. She has not been to a doctor she has been using the cream you would use on ring worms and it seems to go away but as soon as she stops using it it comes right back. we have even tried freezing it with athleetes foot spray which she says stops the itching and it seems to get better then it comes back without warning. I was wondering if it had anything to do with her breasts not being able to breath at night.
arielxx1234 replied to hound1972's response:
The same thing happened to me. I was using Fluticasone Propionate Cream that I was prescribed to and it took at least 4 weeks for it to start going away. Then I guess my skin was getting pimples because of the oils in the cream so the Dr. recommended I stopped and thats when it came back. I feel like the witch hazel helped, maybe she could try that. If it gets really dry she should use Cortizone 10 the intensive healing formula. But tell her to only use a minimal amount and spread it around the spot. I've been using both the witch hazel and cortisone for the past week and when I woke up this morning it was so much better! It looks like my skin is actually growing back and its healing. Also at night don't put any creams on it, let it breathe. And she should stop wearing bras to bed. She should let the rash breathe as much as she can. I've been sleeping with loose cotton tee shirts to bed. I hope all this information can help her out! I know this can be annoying. How long has she had it for?

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