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pimples and little bumps on and around your lips
TJ3808 posted:
Hi, i was wondering is it possible to get a pimple at the edge of your lips? i have had 3 little pimple like bumps come up on the edge of my lips at different times and different places and after a week or so they go away, theres no pain or puss with them just kinda like a pimple?? But now i have also gotten some little bumps on my lips both top and bottom, their not noticeable unless you look really really close, they dont hurt or burn, and there along my lips not just in one spot, but if i lick my lips or rub them together they feel kinda like sandpaper or there is sand on them, and its kinda annoying, i keep checking to make sure someone cant see, ive only been with my husband and been tested i dont have hiv, so what could these bumps be and why have they come up all of a sudden?
Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
Dear TJ,

There are several possibilities as to these little bumps around the lips:

-they could be blocked pores (referred to as 'comedones')
-they could be little cysts (referred to as 'milia')
-they could be fever blister outbreaks (herpes virus)
-they could be bacterial infections (such as staph or strep).

Given that you keep getting the little bumps, I would suggest seeing a dermatologist for a 100% diagnosis and likely a prescription treatment.

I hope that helps
TJ3808 replied to Mohiba K Tareen, MD's response:
Thank you this does help me some, im pretty sure its not herpes, i see in my first question i had hiv, which i don't have either but i meant herpes there. I've only been with my husband and he doesn't have it so im pretty sure i don't, ive never had a cold sore or been around anyone who has.

Could they have been possibly an allergic reaction to something i had on my lips? i had a brand new tube of chap stick brand chap stick i had used over this past weekend, before that i had carmex for cold sores on which i dont ever normally use, i had it because i had cracked the corner of my lips back in the winter from them getting dry, but because i couldn't find my regular tube of carmex chap stick i used a little of it,........ i didnt have the bumps before the weekend then they came up on my lips, i searched online in some forums and read several people discontinuing use of both and them going away, so i thought id give it a try, and they have went away and my lips are normal again.

and i should have said the little bumps around my lips were just one single bump in a different place each time and there has only been 3 and they came up each time when i was on my period just like a pimple, ive always been very pimple prone during that time.

So is it possible it was maybe a reaction to one of the chapsticks i was using?? im useing vaseline lip therapy now on my lips and there is no bumps and there just like normal!

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