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whiteheads that don't go away
moojoe27 posted:
I am 31 years old, and for the last 9 or so years I've had a million "bumps" on my face. Mostly on my forehead and my chin area. I have tried every OTC product, went to the dermatologist and he gave me a product that literally burned the skin off my face. I did this for 6 months and felt like i was rubbing acid on my face every time. I was so embarrassed from it, I stopped using it and never went back to the dr. I can't say that I have pimples, because its just a whitehead of sorts, but there are times that I get zits that are unbareable and annoying. I have read all the posts that pertain to my condition, but I am still at a loss as to what to do. I'm 31!!!! I stress over this daily, because it has affected my self esteem and every other aspect of my life. I feel at times that I have let myself go simply because of this one condition. I would love to get this under control for the new year so I can concentrate and fully devote my time to what really matters!

If anyone has the same problem, or knows anyone that has it, please post!!! I know i'm not the only one out there with this, and I would trully love some help and guidance.
barunknaToTheRescuEE responded:
whitheads containt puss and infected material.whait till the puss comes to the surface.youll see a little whit spot in the middle .using a long thumb fingernail pop the pimple from the bottom forcing the material up and out of ypur pores.if it doesent work use a pore peel tryBIORE PORE STRIPS,orBYE BYE BLEMISH ACNE PORE PEEL.its kinda like getting a wax job but much gentler .u could have oily skin so wash your face 3times aday.use a oil restricting cleansertryGOODSKINOIL INHIBITING FOAMING CLEANERavailable at kholes in beauthy dept. : with cafe from baruknaToTheRescuEE
Bluzra responded:
Last year I was having a lot of break outs, at age 32. I have very sensitive skin as far as the products I can use, several will cause little bumps all over. So, because of this I search for the right product all the time. I started using Oil of Olay on my face and for the first couple weeks I broke out really bad but after using it for several weeks it stopped. However, if I change the facial wash I break out again, even if it is just another kind of Oil of Olay, until using it for several weeks. So far I had the least problems with the definity luminosity facial cleanser. I also use the definity lotion...I put it on right after getting out of the shower before any other chemicals get on my hands. I also noticed that if I got any other shampoo, conditioner, or body wash on my face in the shower I would break out -- I don't know if that is why but I try to make sure nothing else gets on my face. I also wash my face at night before going to bed to clean off make-up or oils from that day. I don't know if this will help you, but it may just be a sensitivity or skin needs time to get used to the product. I don't know how often you switch cleansers, but, I would always switch as soon as I noticed I was breaking out...until I paid for the Oil of Olay and decided I would use it all before switching since I had paid so much for it. Now I will not use anything else. I hope this is a little helpful.
healthyisbest1 responded:
I would NOT reccomend the 'pop the pimple' method as it can lead to permanent scarring.

I would try Almay clear complexion make -up. It has the sacylic acid in and has worked for our family to dry up and get rid of acne.

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