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Raised, itchy, oddly-shaped bumps on rear-end
Graybeardsghost posted:
I have a rather complicated situation going on on my behind. I have several raised, at times very itchy, raised red bumps and more than a dozen, smaller red bumps. The larger bumps are oddly shaped, the largest is the shape of a nike "swoosh" is about 2-3 inches long, a quarter inch wide, and is slightly higher around the edges. There are another couple raised areas that are between a quarter and a half dollar, and then a whole bunch of smaller red bumps, all concentrated on my butt-cheeks. It has been bothering me for a little more than a week, and I went swimming in a creek a few days before that and the water wasn't moving that fast in some places. I had something similar when I was a young teen, about 15 years ago. I got some kind of parasite from swimming in water where geese had been defecating. At the time, it just looked like I had a bunch of regular pimples on my butt. I was prescribed a solution of salicylic acid and told to keep the area dry. This worked over time. In the intervening years, I have had several episodes of minor come-backs of this rash, but none to rival this, and this is the first time that anything of an odd shape has appeared. I have talcum-powder with salicylic acid that I have been using on it that past couple days and it doesn't seem to have done much. I can provide pictures if necessary. Is it fungal, parasitical, bacterial? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time

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