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Possile Nail Fungus
faithma1968 posted:
My left thumb is currently swollen and from the knuckle up it is numb. The nail is completely sore and there appears to be either a bruise or infection under the nail. I have no sores or broken skin that I can see on my thumb. I have not smashed or injured my thumb. I can not get into the doctors office any time soon and I do not feel its worthy of a trip to the ER. Any advice would be welcomed.
Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
Dear Faithma,

One of my favorite, simple, organic treatments for nail ailments is a soak in vinegar and water.

Vinegar-water soaks kill bacteria and fungus in a safe and natural way.

Soak your affected nail in 1/4 part white vinegar to 3/4 part warm water for 5 minutes and then rinse with cool water and cover the affected nail. It should help -- at least until you get into your doc