Red, Itchy skin - hives when you touch your skin or shower?
Kmacrdh posted:
I suffered from the same symptoms, every MD I went to said I have just having an allergic reaction take an antihistamine and it will go away. It got to the point where I was in so much pain because these marks (crazy patterns) were coming up all over my body that I started having panic attacks and trouble breathing during these episodes. I finally was referred to a Dermatologist who diagnosed me with dermatographia. I noticed these marks would get worse anytime i was in the shower - that is because I had aqua dermatographia - apparently there are several types. The dermatologist explained to me that I was possibly exposed to something that I had never been exposed to before (this all started after a camping trip in the middle of nowhere) and threw the balance of my mast cells off. He said it could be permanent however most cases it will last about a year. He had given me some medication that was amazing i still did get welts - however not painful anymore and became less frequent. They were little green pills looked like footballs - cant remember the name exactly - they were quite strong and I was only aloud to take them before bed. Hope this helps I remember how it felt when it happened to me.