sweating under breasts during exercise
An_246571 posted:
I have large, heavy breasts (I am a 36HH), and sweat profusely during exercise. Though I wear exercise bras (which are hard to find in my size), they are usually wet for most of the bottom of the cups after a workout. I can't change/shower immediately after exercise; there are nno facilities for that at my trainer's office (he is also a physical therapist), and I have a long drive home after. I have tried drugstore antiperspirints. Is there any better treatment, perhaps through a physician?
Jimibrez responded:
Hi An_246571,
Many moons ago, an old girlfriend of mine had a similar problem with 36G. Back then Gym's did not have bathrooms/showers and the only water was a small drinking trough which was in the public hallway. So before we went to the gym, she had to smother that area with johnsons baby powder. That certainly helped with the absorbancy and the odour. However, later she found that surgical absorbancy pads (still with the talc on them) were an improvement on both, odour and perspiration. The pads apparently provided a better ventilation inside the bra. Generally, what is sold as anti perspirants in stores are really deodorants.