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anyone have any ideas??
witsend posted:
okay I am at my wits end. I have had reoccurring episodes of shingles for the past 7 yrs. i am currnetly taking an antiviral which has stopped the actual blisters from appearing howevr with episode i suffer from extreme fatigue, and the feeling I am coming down with something like the flu, aching, headache diareha, stomach nasuea, swollen glands etc. there is barely 3 weeks between episodes. what should I do my doctor seems lost and i cannot recieve the vaccine ( if it would even work) as I am currently on medication for shingles and if I go off i immediatly brakeout with a rash and never really recover long enough


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Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
Dear Witsend

I have had a few patients in my career who had strains of herpes or shingles that are resistant to certain anti-virals.

I would suggest that you see a derm for a biopsy as well as viral culture and susceptibility.

You may be incompletely treated currently and may resolve completely with the proper treatment.

I hope that helps