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Bradley posted:

I was just diagnosed with Rhinophyma by my family doctor, but I now have to wait for 6 to 8 months for an appointment with a dermatologist. My nose is definitely getting bigger. Sides are widening, tip is getting bigger and it is becoming blotchy red.

What I cannot figure out is why this is happening. Although my face has always flushed easily, I have never had pustules or pimples associated with rosacea. Additionally, although I have had issues for some time with my nose getting red and burning after being outside, some pimple activity and oil. I did not have any lumps or growths that did not go away. In fact, with the exception of the enlarging and ruddiness of the nose, there are still no bumps per se.

My Question is: can Rhinophyma appear without the other symptoms commonly referred to on web sites, namely types one and two? Also, once this begins (only now slightly noticeable) can it be arrested?
Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
Dear Bradley,

There a few rare esoteric conditions that may mimic rhinophyma, but these are quite uncommon.

The most important thing would be to call several derm offices and the university in your vicinity to get in for an evaluation. Ask to be put on the waitlist if necessary. I know in my office, if someone has a severe rash or mole that they are worried about, we always keep a few open spots that day.

Rhinophyma is best treated early before there is tremendous dilation of the sebaceous glands and blood vessels. Typically, a combination of orals and topicals are employed.

Once rhinophyma occurs there are laser techniques that may help.

I hope that helps
Bradley replied to Mohiba K Tareen, MD's response:
Thank you doctor for your response and comments.

Unfortunately, here in Canada, you cannot get in to see a dermatologist without a referral and once that referral is sent, it can take months to get an appointment. In fact it will be at least 6 weeks before I will even get a confirmation of an appointment.

Being recently retired from the military, this is my first foray into public medicin in Canada and it is an eye opener. Unfortunately, my GP is new to me and she does not have a history onf my complaint. I seen her about 2 months ago because I did have what I thought was a rosacea attack (Red cheeks and nose that burnt. No pimples just red, swollen and burning). She prescribed Metro Gel, which I used for about a month. Burning and redness in the cheeks went away but the nose kept burning. Nose seemed to be swelling at the tip and sides with continued redness and obvious blood vessels developing, so I went back. After some discussion, she concluded that it was probably Rhinopyma and prescribed Accutane (20mg a day.), which I will be on until my appointment with the dermatologist - seems a long time.

Question: Is this the correct treatment for early signs of Rhynophyma, and if not what should I do considering that I cannot get in to see a Der for some months? Can Canadian Get itn to see a dermatologist in the U.S.?

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