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red itchy bumps
Blakearoo posted:
4 days ago i was cutting bushes just a one day thing. Im always carful and look for poison oak and things like that when im out in woodsy area's but i did not see any here and that includes poison ivy and sumac too. so i kept cutting and when i got done that day and was ready to leave i noticed my arms were red and burning like inflammation or something. the next day there were just a few small red itchy bumps on my arm smome scattered and some in such a straight line you would think it was a scratch until you looked closer and saw the little red bumps. the next day after that...more red bumbs spreading on both arms i note that some of the bumps are rather larger and some smaller and one particular bump i cant tell if its one big bump or alot of bumps i can say is the worst and my skin is hard and leathery where that particular bump is. im going to the doctor tommrow and will post what i find out. my opinion is that its got to have come from the bushes i noted that the bushes did have vines and just "wild" plants growing up it but i did not see the charactoristics of poison ivy anywhere..but i could be wrong. anything anybody knows on the subject please tell the spots are very itchy but i have not itched them when they itch i simply put some calamine lotion on them but they're spreading anyway

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