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red raised itchy rash
itchymommy posted:
I'm Asian & I started having this red raised sometimes scaly rash on my arms when I came here in the US while I'm 5mos pregnant. My OB said it could be hormonal changes associated w/ prenancy. After I gave birth it became much worst & spread all over my legs too. It's been 5yrs now & I haven't seen a dermatologist coz I don't have insurance. This week I could hardly sleep because it was so itchy & it burns & it spreads on my back & butt too. I tried applying hydrocortisone 1%, olive oil, aloe vera, anti-itch lotion & took zyrtec. But still the itching would not go away & I can't help to scratch it sometimes. Could it be eczema or psoriasis?
Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
Dear Itchymommy,

With such a long-standing, troublesome condition, it is advisable to seek the help of a dermatologist. There are many derms that volunteer at free clinics (I go to one in St Paul). Alternatively, you can call a private office or University and inquire if they have a discounted rate for patients with no insurance.

Ultimately, finding the right diagnosis will save you time and money.
Life is too precious to live with such a troublesome condition when help is available.

I hope that helps