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Assistance with a "private" problem ??
Nerys_ posted:
I am having an issue with my scrotum. I think its just typical fungal infection I have tinactin and am using it

but its getting more frequent this problem (I am exercising (cycling) more trying to lose weight I am quite overweight)

they are hyper itchy powder does little to nothing. tinactin helps with the itch but VERY temporarily.

I am on my 4th pair of underwear today (going through around 3 pair a day) it seems my scrotum. the part that is in contact with my thighs are seeping something into the underwear (could it simply be sweat??) but once the underwear has this seepage on it they being an extreme irritant. painfully so.

I take them off scrub up dry spray powder fresh underwear and I am "ok" so to speak for another 2-5 hours powdering often trying to keep it "dry" but eventually enough seepage into the underwear again and they become intolerable.

what is causing this? what can I do to stop/prevent it? what can I do to stem the seepage so I don't have to change so often causing so much pain and is there anything better I can use to heal faster?

Sorry for the "icky" subject matter but its driving me nuts.

the ONLY seepage is where the underwear is compressed between my scrotum and my thigh. everywhere else stays clean and dry.
Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
Dear Nerys,

Do not despair- this is actually a very common problem among my male athletic patients! You are not alone.

First, I would schedule an appt with your dermatologist to insure that it is not a fungal infection. Occasionally, resistant fungal infections of the deeper hair follicle require oral treatment.

In the meantime, use methods to reduce friction on the skin when working out. Try some vaseline in the area and purchase the friction mitigating/ moisture wicking shorts.

I hope that helps
Nerys_ replied to Mohiba K Tareen, MD's response:
thanks for the info. I think I have it solved. First the seepage was simply "sweat" and once the fabric was saturated it became intolerably irritating.

Second I discovered there are two common types of fungus and TWO types of treatment and the one does NOTHING for the other.

There are 2 name brands. Tinactin and Lotrimin. (not sure on spelling)

I was using tinactin it did nothing. I switched to Lotrimun and in HOURS the improvement was simply dramatic!

in 24 hours I am no longer in agony almost back to normal no longer have to change out underwear during the day.

Will keep using for the two weeks suggested on the bottle but WOW what an improvement.

any irritation I have left is a result of me digging at it (previously) for relief and damaging the skin etc.. till I bled a few times (it was that irritating)

SO if anyone else has this kind of issue and you try one of these sprays to no avail TRY THE OTHER ONE. makes all the difference in the world.

the fungus that the one kills will be UNAFFECTED by the other spray and vice versa.

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