Patches of red bumps
treadingwater posted:
I discovered a patch of small red bumps on the inside of my right upper arm about 3 days ago. They didn't itch or hurt so I didn't worry about them. The next day, I found another patch of the bumps on the outside of my upper left arm. Yesterday I then found yet another patch on the outside of my upper right thigh and this morning another patch on my left side (love handle area, lol) with about 4 bumps trailing from the patch to my lower back. Again, these little buggers don't itch or hurt, I just don't know where they are coming from and why new patches keep popping up randomly. I haven't started using anything new or that I haven't used before. I've become OCD about checking for new patches... it's so strange and I don't have the money right now to go to the doctor. I have searched high and low for my symptoms online and have looked at charts of tons of skin rash type conditions and mine doesn't match ANY of them. Any insight and/or suggestions would be much appreciated!