Burning, itching, inflamed hands and feet
An_249132 posted:
I desperately need someone's expertise because my father is in so much pain. His hands and feet have been itching horribly for a good few months. They begin to swell, and the pain is unbearable to him. His hands seem to be the worst. The skin breaks off and some parts of his hands turns black. He has scratched his hands so much that he has completely ripped off bits of his skin because they hurt so much. They get large and swell and when this happens, for some reason he gets goosebumps on his arms. He feels comfort only if he holds something cold like an ice pack to cool the heat off his hands. His feet are basically the same. He's gone to many doctors and dermatologists and they've said it's psoriasis but we don't think it's that at all. Doctors have given him creams, steroid creams and pills but nothing seems to work and it all only gets worse. The pain is so unbearable for him that he cries because it hurts him so much. Someone please help .