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Lumps underneath scalp
An_249149 posted:
For the last 3 years I've had a lump under my scalp, which has turned into multiple lumps. Some of the lumps will actually move to the side on which I'm sleeping, some are stationary. There are several painful spots in and among these. I have no clue to what is going on, sometimes these lumps itch, and sometimes I don't notice them. I am a diabetic and have RA, don't know if this will help, but thought I'd mention this on the chance this may help.
Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
Dear An,
The most common diagnosis for lumps on the scalp is a condition referred to as pilar cysts. These cysts are typically familial - is there any history in your family.

Given the RA though, there is a potential that these could be rheumatoid nodules or other inflammatory nodules associated w the condition.

With diabetes, patients are prone to infections and abscesses, however those would typically be more red, oozing, and painful.

I would suggest having at least one removed for pathology in order to get a 100% answer.

I hope that helps