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Really bad pimple
HippieGothGypsy posted:
I have really bad acne, because I have PCOS. I'm use to cystic acne, and acne that bruises and is painful to touch.

The other day, I had an itch, right on top of a really bad pimple. So I scratched. It wasn't hard, but it was enough to make it errupt a little. So I went to the bathroom and squeezed. It hurt. A lot. And a lot came out of it. I thought nothing of it, and let it alone. Didn't touch it. Didn't poke at it. When I washed my face I was very careful not to put pressure on it.

Well yesterday it came to a head again. And I popped it. It was very close to the surface and I didn't want it popping in my sleep and getting on my cat who sleeps with me (its happened before and he got an eye infection from it!) I barely put pressure on it, and the core came flying out. It was nasty and messy... I felt several pops as it came out... Like four of them... And it bled. A lot. I mean a lot a lot. to the point where I had to put a bandaid on it.

I changed the bandaid this morning because it was looking like it needed it. I took the bandaid off and it was still bleeding. Not as bad as the night before, but enough for me to have to put another bandage on it. I had to change that one after about 15 hours, because one edge of it came up. When I did, I felt blood ooze down my face. It does look like its attempting to clot, but its not having much luck. I put a bandage on it. This time without any antibiotic ointments or anything. The hole is like a small crater. I mean its otherwise acting like a normal popped pimple. Aside from it continuing to bleed. I'm afraid I broke a blood vessel under the skin or something. I've never had this issue before... I don't have insurance or the money to have it cauterized... Is there anything else i can do at home, other than keeping it covered?

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