my skin rash
cbstiles2415 posted:
okay, so I have developed a small rash on the Sid of my left Brest, close to the nipple thAt may be like an inch and a half in size, so overall pretty small. it consists of a cluster of tiny red raised almost welled bumps and is itchy but not to the point where I scratch it. it's not hard to ignore it. but im really just wondering if it is an allergic reaction or something like a skin disorder. I noticed it this morning when I woke up, and last night my husband, and I did get intimate and was wondering if it could have been caused by his saliva. although it's never happens before it seems like that could be the only option other than it sounds really stupid but I put a quarter in my bra for safe keeping and forgot it was there for like a day, but the rash wasn't there when I took the quarter out two days prior. it showed up three days after the quarter had been gone. in this sounds like a crazy rant, but if I could get some help with this at least to know what it is. thank you